Is Morality Without God Possible?

Is Morality Without God Possible?

A good friend asked me to share my thoughts on Professor Ledewitz’s Hallowed Secularism: Is it possible to be a moral person without belief in God? I believe it is; because the rules of Creation will be operative regardless one’s belief in the Creator. My feet remain firmly planted on the ground whether I believe in gravity or not. In the same way God has written his law on the hearts of men. As Jefferson observed in the Declaration, “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God...” What the Christ follower sees in scripture the objective atheist can see in nature (h/t to my good friend Eric Andersen).

The problem is that sin can distort how the objective atheist sees nature. For example, secular society tells us that single parenthood is ok in the face of empirical data that the key to socio-economic security is marriage and avoiding out of wedlock childbirth.

I’m also skeptical that true secularism is possible. Is it really a newly emergent secularism we are observing in our society or is it a new form of idol worship? The golden calves of our times; government, marxism, celebrity, materialism, consumerism, environmentalism, tribalism, ect.

In the absence of anchoring one’s morality in God I also think there is greater risk of slipping into utilitarianism, but I need more time to reflect upon that before expounding upon it.

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